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Clifford O.T. Weiden Award

The Clifford O.T. Weiden Award, presented annually since 1990, is named in honor of the former university coach and administrator and presented to individuals who, or businesses from the community that, contribute special talents and time to the university.

Past Clifford O.T. Weiden Award Winners

Year   Recipient
1990   Ron Donovan
1991   Jackie Hebert
1992   Dave Hopkins
1993   John Hoyt
1994   Bob & Coralie Stewart
1995   Bob Pazolt
1996   Bill Wise
1997   Pat Gallagher Carlista
1998   ARAMARK
1999   Chris Robinson
2000   Angelo Sotiropoulos
2001   Hussey Seating Co.
2002   J & S Construction
2003   RJ Grondin & Sons
2004   Seltzer & Rydholm, Inc.
2005   Phinneas Sprague
2006   Hannaford Brothers, Inc.
2007   Richard Pattenaude
2008   University Credit Union
2009   Kim Turner
2010   Yankee Ford
2011   Hannaford Brothers, Inc.
2012   Judy Ryan
2014   Dick Bakke

Note: Due to a shift in presentation dates, no award was given in 2013.