Husky Hall of Fame - Honoring Excellence

Welcome to the Husky Hall of Fame. The Husky Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of graduates and staff of the University of Southern Maine and its predecessor institutions, including Western Maine Normal School, Gorham State Teachers College, the University of Maine Portland, and the University of Maine Portland-Gorham.

The University of Southern Maine's Husky Hall of Fame was established in 1985 to honor the athletes and coaches of the past.  Candidates are eligible for induction five years after their graduation date. Including the 2017 inductees, there are 211 former athletes, coaches and administrators who have been enshrined in 32 Hall of Fame ceremonies.

Each of our inductees is selected on the basis of superior athletic and academic achievements, and on a commitment to their communities after graduation. 

Hall of Fame Members

Name Class of Sports Played Induction Year
Steve deBree full bio Steve deBree 1980 Basketball & Soccer 1986
Don Donnelly, Jr. full bio Don Donnelly, Jr. 1963 Basketball 1986
Philip Gerber full bio Philip Gerber 1939 Basketball & Baseball 1986
Deborah Higgins full bio Deborah Higgins 1978 Field Hockey & Lacrosse 1986
Keith Jordan full bio Keith Jordan 1938 Baseball 1986
Kenneth M. Roberts full bio Kenneth M. Roberts 1962 Soccer, Basketball & Baseball 1986
Michele Rollins full bio Michele Rollins 1980 Basketball & Field Hockey 1986
Harry "Pinky" True full bio Harry "Pinky" True 1953 Baseball & Basketball 1986
Dwight "Buster" Webb full bio Dwight "Buster" Webb 1935 Basketball 1986
John E. Ham, Jr. full bio John E. Ham, Jr. 1938 Basketball, Baseball, Tennis & Track 1987
Clifford MacWhinnie full bio Clifford MacWhinnie 1960 Soccer & Basketball 1987
Donna Lee McGibney full bio Donna Lee McGibney 1973 Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse & Volleyball 1987
Carroll M. Rines full bio Carroll M. Rines 1938 Baseball 1987
Anthony F. Wedge, Jr. full bio Anthony F. Wedge, Jr. 1956 Basketball 1987
Clifford O.T. Wieden full bio Clifford O.T. Wieden 1924-40 Coach at Gorham Normal School 1987
Calvin L. Austin full bio Calvin L. Austin 1938 Baseball and Basketball 1988
Raymond A. Bishop full bio Raymond A. Bishop 1963 Basketball 1988
David L. Bolduc full bio David L. Bolduc 1975 Baseball 1988
Brian O. Cooke full bio Brian O. Cooke 1977 Soccer 1988
Edward V. Guiski full bio Edward V. Guiski 1964 Basketball 1988
Fern Masse full bio Fern Masse 1957 Basketball and Baseball 1988
Jeanne M. White full bio Jeanne M. White 1981 Basketball 1988
Albert D. Bean Jr. full bio Albert D. Bean Jr. 1977 Baseball 1989
Carl A. Labbe full bio Carl A. Labbe 1981 Soccer 1989
Fay T.O. Morrill full bio Fay T.O. Morrill 1974 Basketball 1989
Benedict J. Palubinkskas full bio Benedict J. Palubinkskas 1966 Basketball and Baseball 1989
Gertrude Prinn full bio Gertrude Prinn 1923 Basketball 1989
Diane Carr Shorey full bio Diane Carr Shorey 1980 Basketball and Softball 1990
Ray McDonald full bio Ray McDonald 1973 Baseball 1990
Terri Lee Nelson full bio Terri Lee Nelson 1983 Basketball, Softball, and Field Hockey 1990
Rick Simonds full bio Rick Simonds 1972 Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer 1990
John Sylva full bio John Sylva 1978 Soccer 1990
Ralph Willis full bio Ralph Willis 1936 Baseball, Basketball, and Cross Country 1990
Maureen Burchill Cooper full bio Maureen Burchill Cooper 1985 Basketball and Softball 1991
Richard Costello full bio Richard Costello 1953-90 Coach/Administrator 1991
Sandra Crosby Bickford full bio Sandra Crosby Bickford 1985 Field Hockey and Softball 1991
James Graffam full bio James Graffam 1972   1991
Randy Savona full bio Randy Savona 1979 Soccer 1991
Harold Ware full bio Harold Ware 1960   1991
Thomas Wheeler full bio Thomas Wheeler 1967 Basketball 1991
Brad Wise full bio Brad Wise 1985 Soccer and Baseball 1991
Barry S. Belyea full bio Barry S. Belyea 1968   1992
John Bodnarik full bio John Bodnarik 1948-54 Coach Men's Basketball 1992
Timothy James Clough full bio Timothy James Clough 1978 Basketball 1992
David A. Esty full bio David A. Esty 1978 Soccer 1992
Edson B. Hadlock Jr. full bio Edson B. Hadlock Jr. 1947   1992
Joanne Stinson full bio Joanne Stinson 1986 Softball 1992
Frank Watson Sr. full bio Frank Watson Sr. 1985 Baseball 1992
Kelly Bennett Rodrigue full bio Kelly Bennett Rodrigue 1986 Cross Country 1993
Richard Beote full bio Richard Beote 1956 Basketball and Baseball 1993
Gerald R. Berthiaume full bio Gerald R. Berthiaume 1975 Baseball 1993
John R. Darling full bio John R. Darling 1952 Baseball and Basketball 1993
Ralph Maines full bio Ralph Maines 1962 Golf 1993
Keith Weatherbie full bio Keith Weatherbie 1967 Basketball 1993
Andrew P. Whittaker full bio Andrew P. Whittaker 1977 Soccer 1993
Tammy Anair Anderson full bio Tammy Anair Anderson 1988 Basketball 1994
Frederick Jackson full bio Frederick Jackson 1952   1994
Kelly A. Jenkins full bio Kelly A. Jenkins 1980 Basketball 1994
Jean-Paul LaVoie full bio Jean-Paul LaVoie 1978 Hockey 1994
Martin Magnusson full bio Martin Magnusson 1970 Basketball 1994
Glen Mayberry full bio Glen Mayberry 1976 Tennis 1994
Harold P. Menninger full bio Harold P. Menninger 1970-80   1994
Lisa Abrams Spaulding full bio Lisa Abrams Spaulding 1989 Softball 1995
Marcia Bechard full bio Marcia Bechard 1974 Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Volleyball, and Basketball 1995
Cliff Hall full bio Cliff Hall 1953 Basketball and Baseball 1995
John A. Martin full bio John A. Martin 1985 Baseball 1995
Jim Ray full bio Jim Ray 1984 Basketball 1995
James V. Sullivan full bio James V. Sullivan 1959-91 Professor 1995
Michael Towle full bio Michael Towle 1970 Cross Country 1995
Joey Bouchard full bio Joey Bouchard 1968-1987 Coach 1996
Alan Bouchard full bio Alan Bouchard 1974 Golf 1996
Bonny Brown-Denico full bio Bonny Brown-Denico 1991 Field Hockey and Softball 1996
Vinnie Degifico full bio Vinnie Degifico 1994 Baseball 1996
Peter Grant full bio Peter Grant 1987 Cross Country 1996
Kristin Potito Lary full bio Kristin Potito Lary 1990 Field Hockey and Basketball 1996
Patti Boulter Joyce full bio Patti Boulter Joyce 1984 Basketball and Softball 1997
Reta Brown full bio Reta Brown 1975 Basketball, Soccer,and Lacrosse 1997
Chuck Chadbourne full bio Chuck Chadbourne 1984 Baseball 1997
Richard Emerson full bio Richard Emerson 1967 Basketball and Baseball 1997
Dick Sturgeon full bio Dick Sturgeon   Coach 1997
Jay Wakefield full bio Jay Wakefield 1979 Baseball and Basketball 1997
Karen Beaudoin Hanson full bio Karen Beaudoin Hanson 1987 Field Hockey and Softball 1998
Todd Bickford full bio Todd Bickford 1985 Baseball 1998
Paula Bodgdon full bio Paula Bodgdon 1967-1997 Coach/Administrator 1998
Georgia Gould full bio Georgia Gould 1989 Field Hockey 1998
Donna Hubert Barnard full bio Donna Hubert Barnard 1991 Cross Country 1998
Ken Joyce full bio Ken Joyce 1987 Baseball 1998
Pat Moody full bio Pat Moody 1990 Basketball 1998
Jeff Bowers full bio Jeff Bowers 1994 Basketball 1999
Raynald Charest full bio Raynald Charest 1980 Ice Hockey 1999
Diana Duff full bio Diana Duff 1990 Basketball and Softball 1999
Lisa Jensen full bio Lisa Jensen 1990 Softball and Soccer 1999
William Obermeyer full bio William Obermeyer 1958 Basketball and Baseball 1999
Angela Whelchel Lally full bio Angela Whelchel Lally 1992 Indoor and Outdoor Track 1999
Chandler Bearce full bio Chandler Bearce 1966 Tennis 2000
Tim Curley full bio Tim Curley 1989 Baseball 2000
Charles Howe full bio Charles Howe 1952 Baseball 2000
Kris Littlefield Jordan full bio Kris Littlefield Jordan 1989 Basketball 2000
Marie Messer Webb full bio Marie Messer Webb 1987 Basketball 2000
Kim Shaw full bio Kim Shaw 1993 Field Hockey and Softball 2000
Greg Coppeta full bio Greg Coppeta 1996 Baseball 2001
Amanda Dunphy Murray full bio Amanda Dunphy Murray 1989 Soccer 2001
Ashley Hayes full bio Ashley Hayes 1991 Field Hockey 2001
Michael Murphy full bio Michael Murphy 1986 Basketball 2001
Bob Prince full bio Bob Prince 1992 Baseball 2001
Dan Smith full bio Dan Smith 1994 Ice Hockey 2001
Paul Whitmore full bio Paul Whitmore 1972 Tennis 2001
Don Atkinson full bio Don Atkinson 1969 Tennis 2002
Rob Chadwick full bio Rob Chadwick 1991 Ice Hockey 2002
Allison Gagnon-Gay full bio Allison Gagnon-Gay 1995 Basketball 2002
Keith Morang full bio Keith Morang 1987 Baseball 2002
Katriina Pulkkinen full bio Katriina Pulkkinen 1993 Basketball 2002
Joleen Gardner Auger full bio Joleen Gardner Auger 1988 Softball 2003
Jim Broughton full bio Jim Broughton 1992 Baseball 2003
Tiffany Dickinson Fregeau full bio Tiffany Dickinson Fregeau 1993 Field Hockey 2003
David Flacco full bio David Flacco 1995 Ice Hockey 2003
Bill Hartley full bio Bill Hartley 1988 Basketball 2003
Kyle Hutchins full bio Kyle Hutchins 1983 Soccer 2003
Lori Towle full bio Lori Towle 1996 Basketball 2003
Timothy L. Bonsant full bio Timothy L. Bonsant 1991 Basketball 2004
David "Dusty" Drew full bio David "Dusty" Drew   Coach/Faculty/Administrator 2004
Cynde LaPierre Laband full bio Cynde LaPierre Laband 1995 Basketball 2004
Anna Struck Love full bio Anna Struck Love 1995 Field Hockey and Basketball 2004
Richard P. McSorley full bio Richard P. McSorley 1993 Ice Hockey 2004
Micheal T. Rutherford full bio Micheal T. Rutherford 1987 Baseball 2004
Robert Aceto full bio Robert Aceto 1991 Baseball 2005
Lisa Chase full bio Lisa Chase 1985 Softball 2005
Keith Grant full bio Keith Grant 1950 Baseball and Basketball 2005
Dick Harris full bio Dick Harris 1964 Baseball and Golf 2005
Harold Moulton full bio Harold Moulton 1967 Basketball 2005
Kathy Crobin Zeve full bio Kathy Crobin Zeve 1989 Field Hockey 2005
Meredith Bradley Bickford full bio Meredith Bradley Bickford 1998 Field Hockey and Softball 2006
James Corcoran full bio James Corcoran 1982 Soccer 2006
Joanna Brown Cormier full bio Joanna Brown Cormier 2000 Basketball 2006
Peter Misiaszek full bio Peter Misiaszek 1995 Baseball 2006
David Tamulevich full bio David Tamulevich 1974 Basketball 2006
Tammy Knowles Trent full bio Tammy Knowles Trent 1993 Soccer 2006
Charles Andre full bio Charles Andre 1951 Basketball 2007
Christine Berube full bio Christine Berube 1996 Track and Field 2007
Travis Bezio full bio Travis Bezio 1997 Ice Hockey 2007
Don Franzese full bio Don Franzese 1984 Soccer 2007
Jason Jensen full bio Jason Jensen 2002 Baseball 2007
Julie Plant full bio Julie Plant 2000 Softball and Basketball 2007
Denise Arsenault Turner full bio Denise Arsenault Turner 1997 Field Hockey 2007
Rob Carpenter full bio Rob Carpenter 1994 Baseball 2008
Cora Seaman Donuhue full bio Cora Seaman Donuhue 1996 Soccer 2008
Patrick Feury full bio Patrick Feury 1966 Baseball 2008
Mandy King full bio Mandy King 1999 Basketball 2008
Tracey Roberts Harvey full bio Tracey Roberts Harvey 1993 Softball 2008
Paula Reed Ryder full bio Paula Reed Ryder 1999 Softball and Field Hockey 2008
Brian Collum full bio Brian Collum 2000 Ice Hockey 2009
Alison Drury full bio Alison Drury 2000 Field Hockey 2009
Erica Gagnon Hunter full bio Erica Gagnon Hunter 2001 Softball 2009
Kyle Kennison full bio Kyle Kennison 1996 Baseball 2009
Don O'Keefe full bio Don O'Keefe 1988 Basketball 2009
Lesya Stasiv-Manor full bio Lesya Stasiv-Manor 1996 Tennis 2009
Bob Brown full bio Bob Brown   Coach 2010
Renee Heath-Towne full bio Renee Heath-Towne 2004 Field Hockey and Softball 2010
Richard "Dick" Jordan full bio Richard "Dick" Jordan 1952 Baseball 2010
Bonnie Titcomb Lewis full bio Bonnie Titcomb Lewis 1971 Basketball 2010
Rupert Lewis full bio Rupert Lewis 1982 Soccer 2010
Tracy Libby Lizotte full bio Tracy Libby Lizotte 1999 Basketball 2010
Michael McCullum full bio Michael McCullum 1999 Baseball 2010
Page "Stach" Burnell full bio Page "Stach" Burnell 1952 Baseball 2011
Debbie Jandreu Gendron full bio Debbie Jandreu Gendron 1999 Soccer 2011
David S. Giles full bio David S. Giles 1980 Soccer 2011
Becky Manson-Rioux full bio Becky Manson-Rioux 2003 Field Hockey and Softball 2011
June LaVallee Ponitz full bio June LaVallee Ponitz 2000 Softball 2011
Phil Cole full bio Phil Cole   Coach 2012
Jason Crepeau full bio Jason Crepeau 1988 Baseball 2012
Doug Hall full bio Doug Hall 1986 Golf 2012
Ali Hathaway full bio Ali Hathaway 2001 Soccer and Basketball 2012
Melissa Henderson Pelletier full bio Melissa Henderson Pelletier 2005 Softball 2012
Susan Page full bio Susan Page 1999 Basketball 2012
Jessie Superchi Gausioso full bio Jessie Superchi Gausioso 2005 Field Hockey and Lacrosse 2012
Meg Cressler full bio Meg Cressler 2005 Basketball 2013
Mike Fish full bio Mike Fish 1995 Soccer 2013
Phil Gerolstein full bio Phil Gerolstein 1998 Ice Hockey 2013
Kim Brewer Griger full bio Kim Brewer Griger 2005 Track and Field 2013
Jason Levecque full bio Jason Levecque 2006 Basketball 2013
Sarah McLean full bio Sarah McLean 2003 Softball and Tennis 2013
Pat Toomey full bio Pat Toomey 2002 Baseball 2013
Jennnifer (Young) Babich full bio Jennnifer (Young) Babich 2003 Soccer, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse 2014
Phil Dalrymple full bio Phil Dalrymple 1982 Soccer 2014
Tyler Delorme full bio Tyler Delorme 2004 Baseball 2014
Ed Harding full bio Ed Harding 2010 Ice Hockey 2014
Lisa (Luce) Hodge full bio Lisa (Luce) Hodge 1989 Soccer and Softball 2014
Bob Lapp full bio Bob Lapp 1969 Baseball 2014
Ashley Marble full bio Ashley Marble 2007 Basketball 2014
Michael Bunker full bio Michael Bunker 2006 Cross Country, Track and Field 2015
Mark Carragher full bio Mark Carragher 2007 Ice Hockey 2015
Gary Fifield full bio Gary Fifield   Women's Basketball Coach/Administrator 2015
Georgia Gould full bio Georgia Gould 1982 Field Hockey 2015
Carl Holmquist full bio Carl Holmquist 1985 Soccer 2015
Katie Sibley full bio Katie Sibley 2007 Basketball 2015
Denny Webber full bio Denny Webber 2000 Baseball 2015
Cory Adams full bio Cory Adams 1999 Baseball 2016
Josh Daniels full bio Josh Daniels 2008 Basketball 2016
Miranda Derenberger full bio Miranda Derenberger 2003 Track and Field, Soccer, Volleyball 2016
James "JJ" Frost full bio James "JJ" Frost 2011 Golf 2016
Katie Mainville-Nicholls full bio Katie Mainville-Nicholls 2011 Softball 2016
Mike Morin full bio Mike Morin 2010 Wrestling 2016
Breanne Fortiguerra Sanderson full bio Breanne Fortiguerra Sanderson 2003 Ice Hockey 2016
Sinisa Bajic full bio Sinisa Bajic 2010 Men's Soccer 2017
Stacey Kent full bio Stacey Kent 2010 Women's Basketball 2017
Christen Lachapelle Garnett full bio Christen Lachapelle Garnett 2008 Softball 2017
Jonathan Lounsbury full bio Jonathan Lounsbury 2012 Men's Ice Hockey 2017
India Lowe full bio India Lowe 2009 Field Hockey & Softball 2017
Bill O'Brien full bio Bill O'Brien 1998 Baseball 2017
Ed Pike full bio Ed Pike 2014 Men's Ice Hockey 2017