Random Questions With A Husky, Ron Helderman, Men's Indoor Track & Field

Random Questions With A Husky, Ron Helderman, Men's Indoor Track & Field

Every once in awhile, student assistant Sebastian Pettitt dives deep into the minds of Husky student-athletes with some very important questions, in order to learn more about the people that are seen on the playing surface. Today's featured Husky is Ron Helderman of Men's Track & Field. Coming off back to back trips to the DIII National Championship, Ron is pushing himself harder than ever to make his senior season a memorable one.


Ron Helderman | Men's Indoor Track & Field | Pole Vault | Madison, Maine


Favorite winter time activity?

Watching Ice Hockey, I'm a big Bruins fan.


If you opened the freezer and you found a penguin, what would you do?

I'd definitely blame one of my roommates, Brandan and I would probably have to raise it. Reminds me of the time in Mr. Popper's Penguins when they come to drill holes in the freezer so that they can live there.


If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Next Episode by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg.


Favorite athlete of all-time?

I would have to say Sam Kendricks, the pole vaulter for the United States team & Nike.


What kind of cereal is most comparable to your personality?

"Raisin Bran." -Brandan Crenner


Do you believe in ghosts?

No, I don't, since I'm a science major I like to find the answer behind everything, and I've never seen one or had an experience with one.


If you could live inside the world of one TV show or movie, which one and why?

I'm torn between Friends & How I Met Your Mother, but probably Friends.


Would you rather live for one week in the past, or the future?

In the past, mostly because I think it'd spoil the future. I would probably go back to the beginning of when I started pole vault to help myself out.


If you could have dinner with any one person in history, who would you pick & where/what would you eat?

I'd go to McLaren's with Barney Stinson.


What would you do if aliens invaded the office we're in right now?

I would probably run to the field house and think of something from there. But honestly whatever I have to.


If you were forced to audition for American Idol, what song would you sing?

One Week by the Barenaked Ladies, Brandan (Crenner) would probably pick it for me.