Random Questions With A Husky, Bonny Brown-Denico, Head Field Hockey Coach

Random Questions With A Husky, Bonny Brown-Denico, Head Field Hockey Coach

USM Athletic Communications Intern Brooke Cross (also a senior captain of the Huskies' softball team) is bringing back Random Questions With A Husky and bringing back hard-hitting questions like, "What's your cure for hiccups?"  This time she interviews her assistant coach and former two-sport Husky star Bonny Brown Denico.  

Veteran head coach Bonny Brown-Denico finished her 21st season as the head coach of the University of Southern Maine Huskies field hockey team, leading the Huskies to a 2018 record of 13-8 ... All while capturing her 200th career win early in the season.  

 A former two-sport All-Region student-athlete for the University of Southern Maine,  Bonny took over the head coaching duties for the Huskies' field hockey team in 1998.  Since then, Brown-Denico has compiled a record of 212-232 (.477 winning percentage), leading the Huskies to an LEC championship in 2003  - a year in which the Huskies advanced to the NCAA Division III tournament.  She was named the Little East Conference Field Hockey Coach of the Year in 2007.

        Since 1998, Brown-Denico's student-athletes have consistently achieved on the field.  She has mentored one NFHCA All-American, 18 NFHCA Regional All-Americans, four NFCA All-Region West honorees and 52 All-Little East Conference selections, including the conference offensive player of the year in 2013 and 2014, rookie of the year in 2006 and 2018, the defensive player of the year in 2003, and the player of the year in 2001.

        Brown-Denico was a two-sport standout for the Huskies during her playing career, competing in field hockey and softball.  As a member of the field hockey team, Brown-Denico earned NFHCA All-American honors in 1990 and was an NFHCA Regional All-American in 1989.  She helped the Huskies to the NCAA Division III Final Four in 1987 and is ranked in the top 20 in the school record books for goals, assists and points. In softball, Brown-Denico was a three-time regional All-American and still ranks in the top ten in numerous offensive categories, finishing with a .398 career batting average.

            Brown-Denico is a 1991 graduate of USM with a degree in English.  She completed her master's degree in adult education at Southern Maine in 1998.


Do you believe in aliens?

No, but like Jackie I do believe in ghosts. I have a good ghost story.

Let's hear it.

My sister had a bad dream and came downstairs to sleep on the couch one night. My parents' bedroom was right next to the living room and my sisters room was at the top of the stairs which you could see from the couch. My sister said she watched this figure bring a pile of books down the stairs over and over again. In the morning there was a pile of like 70 books right where she said the figure brought them.


What hobby would you get into if time and money weren't an issue?

Photography, but like traveling photography.


What takes up too much of your time?

House work eye roll


What age do you wish you could permanently be and why?

Nineteen. I really liked my freshman year of college or my sophomore year…  College years are the best.


What movie title best describes your life?

Stand By Me


If could make one rule for everyone to follow what rule would you make?

Treat everyone with respect.


If you had to change your name what would you change it too?

Oh God. I don't know, Medusa ahahaha. No, don't say that. Wait that's a funny one who cares… No, people are going to start calling me that. B-dizzle, final answer.


Which of your scars has the best story behind it?

Oh definitely this one. *points to wrist* Junior year of college we went to california my coach planned a practice on a field but didn't actually reserve the field so we all had to climb the fence to practice. We all have scars from climbing the fence that day.


What would your spirit animal be?

Cougar hahahahaha.


What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of?

P.S. I Love You, and I'll cry everytime


What's your cure for the hiccups?

I don't have a cure when I get them I get them for like an hour and a half.


If you had a boat what would you name it?

Don't puke … I get so sea sick


If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?

Flaherty, because I could listen to him all day and he would make my life more interesting.