Chandler Bearce
Induction Year: 2000
Class of: 1966
Sports: Tennis

Chandler Bearce, 1966- Chandler Bearce played tennis for three seasons at Gorham State College in the mid-1960’s, and remains one of the finest players in the state and the six-state New England region. One of the team’s top players, he was the most valuable player during his junior season while playing second and third singles, and captained the 1966 squad as a senior when he played number one for coach Lincoln “Ted” Fish. The GSC team contended for the conference championship in each of his final two seasons. He continued his tennis career after graduation as an instructor, he has coached three nationally ranked players and over 50 players rank in the top ten in Maine. As a player, he had numerous number one rankings in various age brackets in the state of Maine, including the number one ranking in the over 55 bracket for the last three years. Additionally, he has served on the M.T.A. Board of Directors for the past 25 years. Bearce is the tennis professional at the Portland Athletic Club and Portland Country Club. He resides in Gorham.