Ralph Maines
Induction Year: 1993
Class of: 1962
Sports: Golf

Ralph Maines only had the opportunity to play one year of intercollegiate golf, but he made the best of it as the No.1 player for Coach Richard Costello’s debut team. During the 1962 season, Maines was the team captain and led the club to the New England State College Championship. Maines also participated in soccer at Gorham State and played golf informally before the varsity team was initiated.  “He was kind of a coach in himself, “says Costello. “He led a lot by example and the kids looked up to him.” “He never had the opportunity to play that the kids had later, but I think he would have held his own.” Maines, who received his Master’s of Education in Administrative in 1967, is currently the supervising principal at Crooked River Elementary School in Casco. He is a past member of the Western Maine Board of Approved Baseball Umpires.