Andrew P. Whittaker
Induction Year: 1993
Class of: 1977
Sports: Soccer

Andrew P. Whittaker- Though he was a defensive player for his four soccer seasons at USM, Andrew Whittaker was one of the first players opponents noticed. During his senior season that recognition spread nationwide when Whittaker was named an NAIA All-American. Most noticeable was Whittaker’s incredible speed which earned him the nickname “Rabbit”. “From a standing start he could get going really fast,” says Whittaker’s USM coach, Harold “Chappie” Menninger. “Andrew was very adept at having a nose for the ball and anticipating where the ball would end up,” says Menninger. “He always wanted to play up front, but his skills and abilities were such that we couldn’t take him away from the back.” During Whittaker’s third season the Huskies reached the NAIA National Tournament. Playing in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl, the team became the first from USM to win two games at the national level. The Huskies finished that season 17-2-1. Whittaker, originally from Jamaica, is currently employed as a team development consultant with UNUM.